Cleansing FAQ

How do you come off of a cleanse? 

You must come off of a cleanse very gently.  You have been on "nature’s operating table" while cleansing and allowing the body to remove the toxins.  For the first  three days off the cleanse eat very lightly.  Include grated, slightly steamed carrots for breakfast, a light salad or vegetable soup for lunch and the same for dinner.  This will allow your body to adjust and let your bowels start working normally again.  If you find that you are constipated, eat several juicy fruits during the day such as pears, apples, papaya, and berries.  We shouldn’t eat more than two fruits per day normally, but if you are constipated, you should eat more.  Raw vegetable juices also help the bowel start working well again.  Juice celery, cucumber, zucchini, parsley, and apple and drink 12 oz. twice per day.  By the fourth day, you will be back on your healthy eating program.  I recommend the food program in my book, Health is Your Birthright, How to Create the Health You Deserve by Ellen Tart-Jensen.

What happens when you use the board? Do you slide off? Does fecal matter automatically flush down the toilet?

Using the cleansing board is very easy to do.  The board is very comfortable to lie on and is quite wide so no one should ever slide off.  Lay a towel under you and place a pillow at the end where your head will go.  Cover yourself with a towel as well.  The water flows in gently and back out into the toilet very gently.  The fecal matter goes into the toilet.  If you would like to flush while you are on the board, you can easily reach the lever with your foot to flush it.

However, it is a good thing to put a colander in the toilet bowl before you begin and not flush until you have observed the contents.  The colander will catch the fecal matter for examination.  Here you can tell if there is old plaque, worms, or other unwanted material being evacuated.  Some people have passed old coins and old popcorn kernals that appear in the collander.

What are the best products to clean the board, tubing and tips?

I recommend soaking the board in a tub of water  that has 1 cup of Clorox added to it.  To clean the tubing, fill the bucket with clean water and add ¼ cup of Clorox or 1/2 cup Food Grade Peroxide.  Let that water flow through the tubing.  Then run clean water through the tubing.  To clean the tips, fill a quart size container with water and add 2 TBS. of Food Grade Peroxide.  Let the tip soak in that solution overnight.  Rinse well before using.  Never share tubing and tips with another person.

What do you do when you get sick on the cleanse? 

Cleansing toxins from the body can sometimes cause a person to feel a bit nauseous.  Drinking ginger tea has traditionally proven to help exceptionally well to remedy nausea.  Most of the time nausea is temporary and will pass quickly.  If not, you should stop the cleanse for a day and then begin again when you are feeling better.  If you feel really sick, you should consult a knowledgeable health care professional immediately.

What do you put in the cleansing board water? 

It’s a good idea to add one quart of flaxseed tea and two capsules of a good probiotic such as preolac.  Flaxseed tea is very slippery and soothing to the bowel. 

Does Bernard Jensen International have facilities for cleansing?

  No, we do not have facilities for cleansing.  We recommend the Bigger Better Health Clinic in Corvallis, Oregon for those who would like to have a supervised cleanse that follows the Jensen principles.  For more information go to

Should I do a liver cleanse or a colon cleanse first? 

It is always best to do a colon cleanse first and then cleanse the liver.  If the colon is clean, then the liver will have somewhere to dump toxins.  If the colon is toxic, it will not be able to accommodate the toxins from the liver to take them out of the body.

How do you skin brush? Can you wash the brush?   

Skin brushing is done with a dry vegetable bristle brush before the shower.  Brush the body in a circular motion beginning with the bottoms of the feet and move upwards toward the heart.  Use the skin brush from the palms of the hands in the same way and move upwards in a circular motion toward the heart.  Women and men should never brush their nipples.  Brushing the skin dry before a shower helps to remove dead skin cells and uric acid crystals that can cause gout.  It helps prevent moles, skin tags, and warts. 

The skin brush is like a toothbrush and should never be used by more than one person.  Once a week, you should brush it off gently to clean it.  Let it hang for an hour in the fresh air and sunshine once a month.  The skin brush can be washed with water and no soap once a month or so.  Let hang in fresh air to dry.

How Do I Make an Appointment With Ellen Tart-Jensen for an Iris Analysis and Nutritional Program?

You may call our office at (760) 471-9977 and ask to schedule an appointment.  At the time that you call, you will be given a date and time.  If you live close by, you will be able to meet with her in person.  If you live far away, it is also possible to schedule a phone consultation.  If you know an iridologist in your area who can take your iris photographs, you may e-mail those to us at:  [email protected]

If you do not know an iridologist in your area, she will still be able to help you.  Everyone is provided a History Form to fill out when they call for an appointment.  You should fill this form out and bring it in to the office when you have your consultation.  If you live a long distance, you may e-mail the History Form ahead of time for her to review prior to your call.